Who are you?

My name is Max Rymsha. I was born in a small city in Central Ukraine where I spent my childhood, studied at the Art at school, and played basketball a lot. Later after that, I got to the university and moved to the charming city in Western Ukraine. In Lviv, I was studying architecture for 6 years and straight after graduation started to work as an architect and visualizer. In 2018 I won the TMRW Challenge, got a job at TMRW, and moved to Stockholm. For now, I live in Stockholm for over 2 years and enjoy my time in Scandinavia.

What are you doing at TMRW?

I'm doing the whole production process from the Concept to the 3d stage in 3ds Max and later post-production in Photoshop, also during the whole process I communicate with the client. I find this way the most comfortable probably because I'm a generalist but also because in that case I build a special relationship with the project and the client and put my soul into it to get the best possible result.

What has been the most challenging in your role?

The most challenging is to understand the client's needs. In the field of architectural visualization, we're facing very short deadlines and get a lot of responsibility. Until the building has been built our images it's all that architects have, they will show it to their client, to the government and society. The image has a lot of power, it can make people love the architecture or hate it so it's very important for us to understand what architects want to achieve with that building, where the inspiration came from, and how they see the final result. When all this information has been absorbed we have to use our expertise to decide what we can do, try different options, and show the future architecture in the best possible way.

What is the best part of your role?

The best part I guess is to work with the best architects in the world. When I was studying architecture at the university, Norman Foster was a God to me and now I got an opportunity to work with the studio he founded and represent their buildings to the World. It's not only one example, we have many great clients such as Dorte Mandrup, HKS, Gensler, and so on. I find this very inspiring and even though our work is quite hard it's totally worth it.

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