Who are you?

My name is Jonas Karlsson and I live in the outskirts of Gothenburg. I like to stay active and learn new skills. I enjoy trying new sports and I've got a lot of hobbies as well that I rediscover from time to time. One recently discovered activity is mountain biking and I try to get out and challenge both my skills, mind and endurance. I often bring a camera along as well to capture some images while I'm out enjoying nature.

I started out my career with an interest in graphic design where I stumbled upon 3D programs. This led me more and more towards making images digitally which was a nice way for me to combine some of my interests like photography and photoshop along with the 3D.

What are you doing at TMRW?

I'm a visual artist and I mainly do 3D work. There's more to it than just a keen eye for images and technical 3D knowledge though. It requires creativity in coming up with story ideas, doing research about projects and the area where the project is located to make it feel believable. Having a curious mind is great help.

What has been the most challenging in your role?

The most challenging part I think is coming up with a good general idea for a project that feels unique and also captures the clients vision. It's important to have good communication with the client and really try to understand what they want and then be creative and come up with something that captures it while it also stands out.

What is the best part of your role?

When a project really comes together, from a great idea that both you and the client gets excited about and the result becomes something you're proud of. Doing this with a great team where you both can get support and challenge each other makes it even better.

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